Reverse Mortgage Tax Implications

What are the tax consequences to me if we sell by means of an installment. Can we deduct it on our tax return? To qualify for a reverse mortgage, you must be at least 62 years old, occupy the house.

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The concept of "Reverse Mortgage" is quite popular in countries like Australia, Canada & United States, whereas it has been recently introduced in India and is gaining popularity these days, as it gives a sense of financial security to the senior citizen who own a house property, but lacks a regular source of income.

Ms. Beargie did not have to qualify for the reverse mortgage loan as would normally be. Tax Implications and Effects on Public Benefits. A common concern of.

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Reverse Mortgage Tax Implications – The Benefits The proceeds received from a reverse mortgage are not susceptible to federal or state income tax and can be used however the borrower may so choose. Reverse mortgage proceeds also do not affect regular Social Security or Medicare benefits.

 · There can also be tax implications with respect to interest, since the interest that accrues on a reverse mortgage is only deductible at the time it is paid. Possible interest deductions Typically, the interest is paid at the end of the loan, meaning any tax implications with respect to interest are likely to apply in the year when the interest is paid.

Heir tax implications in reverse mortgage As an heir, I will be left a house which is encumbered by a reverse mortgage. I will NOT want to keep the house and will sell it to satisfy the reverse.

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The tax benefits from holding a mortgage can be great, but. on your loan, resulting in a far smaller mortgage. reverse mortgage allows you to borrow against.

A reverse mortgage is a loan available to homeowners 62 or older. Instead of the homeowner paying a lender, however, the lender gives the homeowner a monthly advance, a lump sum payment, a line of credit or some combination of these options. For several reasons, tax consequences among them,

A reverse mortgage can also have serious implications for your surviving spouse and family. and getting a lump-sum payment through a cash-out refinance or getting a tax-deductible home-equity loan.

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